Making Curbs with Rock Solid Concrete

Getting quality material when building a structure is an important part of any job.

Rock Solid Concrete supplies quality concrete mixes for curbs using the correct mixture for the highest strength possible. A good cement mixture is crucial. Our company has been supplying concrete to match our client’s needs and requirements in building curbs and firm structures.

For example, this project shows the construction of an 18” vertical curb with a curb machine.
Contractor: Villa concrete
Project: RDO Leasing, new yard in Chandler AZ

Creating this curb involved the use of curb machine and it starts with MAG A, 3000 psi concrete, which is fed to the hopper of the curb machine where it is extruded and given the final look.

Curbs can add visual appeal to different type of surfaces and also strengthen the edges of pavements by containing the pavement subsystem. Curb structures need to be braced and interlocked to maintain elevation. There are basically two kinds of curb structures. Mountable curbs are generally known as barrier curbs and are formed to act as a barrier for vehicles leaving the pavement. Roll Curbs usually have sloping faces that allow vehicles to use them and access main roads or driveways.

Rock Solid Concrete has been a household name for more than 22 years in delivering the best cementing solutions to our clients. You too can get in touch with Rock Solid Concrete to know more about our services. We’ll help you with the right concrete mix you need for your project. Call us at 480-351-0123.

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