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Grout from a Ready-Mix Concrete Company

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What it is:

Most of us think of grout as a material that is used to fill in the spaces of our newly tiled bathrooms, or such. Grout from a ready-mix concrete company is a little bit different. Grout is generally used to fill the voids in concrete blocks, for example, when building a wall to make the wall more solid. Grout is also being used in the current Tempe Town Lakes damming project.

The materials used in grout are sand, cement, fly-ash and small aggregate about 3/8” inch, depending on whether it is a fine or coarse grout. Larger rock has a negative effect on the grout’s ability to fill the required space since the rock could cause “bridging” or incomplete filling.

Grout will be used much faster than mortar, so mixing it fast enough could conceivably be a problem. On a commercial job grout would be pumped and would probably come from a ready mix truck. There can be extra charges for excess truck unloading time, but that is not a real drawback when compared to the excess time required if mixing it on site. If one should choose to mix the grout at the site you should allow for 5 gallon buckets to be used.

How to use it:

It is recommended that grout not be filled from the top of a wall to the bottom. Instead one should begin at the bottom of the wall and go up about 2’ to 4’ and consolidate with rebar to remove any voids. Then the work would move on to another cell. Within a half hour to an hour add some more grout and consolidate that with the previous cell.

Finally, top off the grout and consolidate the process, making sure that the rebar used for consolidating goes into two different layers of the grout. After an hour or so, return to the wall where the grout has been used and you should find some settlement due to the absorption of the excess water. This should then be smoothed.

The above instructions are not absolutely correct for high speed grouting, but will be adequate if followed for basement projects for example.

The grout itself does not appreciably increase the load bearing strength of a load-bearing wall, but the use of grout and rebar will increase the lateral strength. The steel in the rebar will reinforce the flexible strength and the grout just transfers the load from the block to the rebar because of the soil pressure. If the job should have the typical 4’ spacing, the steel may be required for a code purpose and not always for engineering purposes, except for cases with high walls or wet, heavy soil and not sand.

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Projects using grout from Rock Solid Concrete:

Tempe Town Lake Project using groutThis is a great project where grout was used at Tempe Town Lakes. Here we used Pressure Grout under the foundation for the new Roller Compacted Concrete Dam at the West end of the lake. (May 2015)