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Concrete for Glendale AZ is delivered from Rock Solid Concrete’s Plant 2

Products Available:

Ready Mix Concrete delivered to Glendale

Just call our office to order any type of concrete. Our 5-star on-time delivery is available for any job or project in the city of Glendale.  We can make any strength from 2500 psi up to whatever strength you need. We also have State Class Mixes and MAG Mixes. Call 480-351-0123 to place your order. If you need help on estimating how much concrete you may need, use the handy Concrete Calculator on our website.

Shotcrete delivered to Glendale

Our finest shotcrete is available for delivery if you are building a pool. Shotcrete can also be used to build walls, or to incorporate insulation into a wall unit.Call us today to order .You tell us the application, we’ll help you decide on the strength and the mix.

Slurry delivered to Glendale

We will deliver slurry to your site that meets your specifications. You will be pleased with our quality product and our on-time delivery.

Grout delivered to Glendale

Order your grout from us with your specifications. We have the perfect grout if you are building with concrete blocks. Whether you want a fine or a course grout, we will be happy to deliver your specified mix to Glendale. Call us today.

Concrete Blocks

Visit the information  about our concrete blocks. Call for pricing and availability.  480-496-9633

Our Projects in Glendale AZ:

We’ve been busy at the Morton Salt plant in Glendale AZ. Did you know Glendale was the saltiest city in Arizona? Read the article in AZ Central. (Article continued below picture).

Morton Salt in Glendale AZ

A local resident in Maricopa County might be quite surprised to discover salt being mined in Glendale Arizona. Morton Salt Company has been in business in Glendale for many years mining salt from caverns below the surface an area near Luke Air Force Base.

The salt is brought to the surface in a water solution, evaporated, and then ground to a fine product; either table salt or courser salts and sold to the public across the country.

Because of the very corrosive environment in the salty air, any metal in the processing plant is subject to rust. Rock Solid worked with Ace Asphalt to do a repair project at Morton Salt. Most of the concrete on the ground at Morton Salt contained steel reinforcing bars that had become corroded and rusty even within the concrete itself, cracking the concrete, requiring it to be removed.

Technical experts at Rock Solid Concrete developed a mix design with Euclid supplied tough strand structural fibers so that steel would be eliminated from the concrete, helping it last much longer than previously.

Also included in the concrete mix design was a material known as Micron 3, and ultra-refined flyash. This was used to eliminate most of the pores in the concrete which will make the concrete more dense, less permeable, and subject to attack by the salt environment.

The project was completed in January of 2015 and has shown much improvement over previous concrete placed at the plant.


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