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History of Rock Solid Concrete

ROCK SOLID was started by Craig and Diana Tanner in 1992 with the dream of building a Ready mix Concrete business to meet the needs of small and medium sized contractors in the Phoenix metropolitan area of Arizona. Having spent 16 years at the Tanner Companies, specifically the United Metro division and using the education gained with an MBA from ASU, the Tanners took the challenge after Craig was laid off during the recession in ’89 –’92.

First Batch Plant in Chandler AZ

Rock Solid Concrete - First Plant in Chandler AZBorrowing money to buy 4 Mixers and a Batch Plant in the depths of a recession was scary and crazy. Setting up the plant in the Lone Butte Industrial Park in Chandler proved to be centrally located for the new start up and is ROCK SOLID’s main office and busiest plant even today.

Plants in Peoria, Queen Creek, and Coolidge

In 1996 and 26 trucks later a plant was established in Peoria to serve the needs of customers pouring concrete on the west side of the Valley. 2 years and 10 trucks later a plant was placed in Queen Creek to serve the far east side of town. In 2001 the original Chandler plant was moved to Coolidge, south of Phoenix to serve the growing Pinal County area as a new plant was erected at a larger site in Chandler a year earlier to handle the company’s growth with a total of 50 Mixers.

Mesa Plant

To better serve the East Valley, the plant in Queen Creek was moved in 2011 to North Mesa along the newly completed Loop 202.

Laveen Plant to Service Phoenix

In 2014 a new plant was placed in the Laveen area in the Southwest part of Phoenix to fully serve the concrete delivery needs of West Phoenix.

Today we have 75 Mixers and 5 Plants that serve the Greater Phoenix area and Pinal county. With approximately 100 employees, ROCK SOLID continues to serve the need for concrete to the small and medium sized concrete contractor in the Phoenix area.

Integrity, Quality, On Time Delivery

We still hold to our core beliefs of Integrity, Consistent Quality Product, and On Time Delivery. We are honest and up front with our customers, employees and suppliers, and admit when we make mistakes or are wrong.

These principles guide us to be a foundation to our industry and to outlast those who focus on a cheap price and hollow promises. ROCK SOLID delivers everytime.